What is Diabetes and Insulin Sensitivity

What is Diabetes and Insulin Sensitivity?


What is

When the body are unable to process the glucose from the consume food this cause a build-up of glucose in the blood stream.

Why it happened?

  • When pancreas the organ that lies near the stomach do not produce enough insulin
  • Or the body can’t use the insulin



What is insulin? 

You can think of insulin as a key that open up the cell and allow the cell to absorb the glucose in the bloodstream to use as energy.

Types of diabetes


High percentage of type 1 diabetes a.k.a autoimmune disease are hereditary and most of them appear during childhood period.

This happen when the body immune system attack and destroy the insulin producing cells in the pancreas and the body is unable to produce insulin to regulate the glucose level in the blood.

The only way to control is to take insulin jab to replace the insulin in the body but the amount of insulin for each jab depend on the blood glucose level at the point of time.


  • Take too much it will burn too much glucose to dangerously low level which is call Hypoglycemia
  • Take too little it will cause glucose to build up to a dangerously high-level call Hyperglycemia


  • Type 2 happens when the body cannot use insulin effectively
  • Usually happen to people who are overweight, age 40 years and above
  • but there is a rising number of children and teenager affected.


What is insulin sensitivity

It is how sensitive your body is to the effect of insulin, it can be categorized into 2 types


  • Need small amount of insulin keep blood glucose level in normal range.


  • Need a lot more insulin to keep blood glucose level in normal range.


How is diabetes and insulin sensitivity related

  • Increasing insulin sensitivity means lowering blood glucose level to normal range.
  • Ways to increase insulin sensitivity include physical activities and the food consume
  • People with type 1 diabetes can ensure better control and relies less on medicine using this two ways
  • People with type 2 this may help them recover but it will depends on individual


Types of activities



  • Research has shown people with high blood sugar level have trouble sleeping at night
  • Increasing your sleep time will increase insulin sensitivity

How much sleep is enough?

  • For teen and adult which is from age 10 and above they will need 7 to 9 hours of sleep
  • For those below 10 years old they will usually need more than 10 hours of sleep.


How to get a good night sleep?

  • Getting a good night sleep sometimes depend on the food you eat
  • Do not consume food with high sugar content at night and before sleep
  • Avoid food with high carbohydrate
  • Avoid coffee at night if you are those type that can’t sleep once you drink it.


  • Both mental and physical stress cause blood glucose level to go up
  • When people are stress the body release a type of stress hormone which increase the blood sugar level
  • People tend to eat a lot when stress which also will cause blood glucose level to go up.


How to reduce stress

  • Different people have different ways to reduce stress as long it is not by eating a lot of junk food it is basically ok,
  • There is a another way and that is meditation.


  • Find a comfortable spot to sit
  • Keep your back straight and cross your leg
  • Breath in and out slowly, think of nothing, keep your mind blank
  • Those who are just starting out, start with 5 mins than slowly increase the time as you get used to it
  • Those who cannot keep their mind blank you can focus on your breathing.


Exercise not only increase your insulin sensitivity, it will also help you lose weight which in turn can reverse type 2 diabetes. There are 2 types of exercise, physical and aerobic.


  • Physical exercise are exercises that help to build up muscle, muscle will help with burning of blood sugar during exercise so build up more muscle means more blood sugar burn.
  • Weight and resistance training are good ways to build up muscle but different people have different type of body so you have to get advises from professional to know what kind of training is suitable for you.


  • Aerobic exercise are exercises that burn calories and blood sugar
  • Brisk walking, swimming, jogging and cycling are some of the exercise you can do but if you have never exercise or have very little exercise it is best to start with simple exercises.
  • You can start with brisk walking and when get used to it then you start jogging for short distance and slowly increase the distance. Do not start with very intense exercise right from the beginning as this is also a form physical stress.
  • For those who want to do cycling but overweight, do not try cycling first until you either lose a significant amount of weight or you have strengthened your knee and leg. Cycling will put a lot of strain on your knee as I’m overweight myself I know this because I try it before, one of the exercise you can try before cycling is walking in swimming pools. This may sound strange but it will help build your leg strength because the water itself will remove the weight of your body cause on your knee and leg and the water resistance will train your strength.

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